CHP Advises Motorcycle Safety As Fatality Rate Increases

Posted on November 2, 2012

It’s estimated that at least one million Californians take to the road on the back of a motorcycle throughout the year.  As such, motorcycle safety in our state is particularly important.  That’s why it’s disappointing to see a report detailing a rise in motorcycle fatalities between 2010 and 2011.

The fatality rate is up by around 20%, something that also seems to trouble the California Highway Patrol, who in years past has been able to report a decline in fatal collisions.  To make sure that this uptick in fatalities doesn’t become a trend, the CHP is emphasizing safety to both motorcyclists and other drivers alike.

Intersection collisions, one of the most typical types of accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles, are receiving particular attention from the CHP.  Drivers are encouraged to always double check that the oncoming traffic lanes are cleared of motorcyclists before executing a lefthand turn.  Both automobile operators and motorcyclists are being asked to adhere to the necessary speed limits, and motorcyclists are told to wear the necessary safety equipment, including but not limited to a helmet.

Other areas of the country can look forward to a necessary break in motorcycle collisions due to inclement weather, but the year-round beautiful weather that’s the norm around California means that motorcycles are out all the time.  All drivers should use caution and do whatever they can to limit disaster.

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