Carrot Chips Under Various Brand Names Recalled by Bolthouse Farms

Posted on November 5, 2012

A potential Salmonella threat has prompted the recall of carrot chips that can be found under a number of brand names.

Bolthouse Farms announced the recall after the issue was unearthed during a sampling test conducted a couple weeks ago by officials in the state of North Carolina.  The recall pertains to versions of Carrot Chips that come in a 16 ounce package and that have a use by date of either November 12 or 13.  However, affected brands are not limited to the Bolthouse Farms tag.  Farm Stand and Safeway Farms branded versions of the product were also recalled, and these particular items were sold throughout the United States, including right here in California at Safeway, in the case of the Safeway Farms brand.

An estimated 5,600 cases are encompassed within the recall.  Although no one has reported becoming ill in conjunction with any of these items, consumers should understand the threat posed by a Salmonella infection.  Vomiting, diarrhea, and more await persons of relatively decent health, but those with compromised immune systems could be at risk of an even more serious infection.

Persons who own any of these items should refrain from eating them.  Instead, they should bring the items back to the grocer to get their money back or a new version of the product.

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