Burn Hazard Prompts Elephantito to Recall Girls’ Cotton Pajamas

Posted on November 20, 2012

A variety of pajamas produced in Peru by Catalogo S.A.C. are being recalled because they could pose a burn danger to the children the items are designed for.

The Key Biscayne, Florida-based Elephantito announced the recall, which pertains to cotton pajamas that have JP 12 FL as their style number.  These pink pajamas have a design that finds pink flowers intermingled with green leaves on a pair of shorts and a button up shirt.  180 sets have been recalled, and each will be of size 1 through 8.

The recall was necessitated once it was discovered that the pajamas don’t conform to federal standards regarding flammability.  Anyone wearing this clothing might sustain a burn if the cloth comes into contact with an open flame.  The good news is that no one has reported experiencing this type of an injury at the moment.

Anyone who bought the clothing for their kids should ask their child to refrain from wearing these particular pajamas.  The clothes were available across the country between August 2008 and September of last year.  They cost anywhere from $30 to $45.  The clothes should be brought back to where they were bought.

It’s important that all clothing items meet standards set forth by the government.  It might seem like the danger isn’t that great, but those regulations are put in place for a reason, so all parents should take this recall seriously.

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