Black Friday and Holiday Driving Tips Offered in New Report

Posted on November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving is just over one week away, and many people are going to set out on road trips in order to visit their family and friends for the holiday.  But with so many people headed onto the road, accidents are bound to happen.  People will be traveling in unknown environs through weather conditions they might not be used to, and with the influx of vehicles on the road because of the holiday, it’s a recipe for certain disaster.  Plus, Black Friday the next day poses its own hazards to consumers intent on getting a great deal.  A new report offers some tips to person who plan to travel for Thanksgiving or shop for Black Friday.

First, be cognizant of any other drivers that are not driving in an optimal manner.  You might make sure that your driving is safe, but that doesn’t mean that they’re taking pains to do the same.  An estimated 58% of persons traveling for the holiday say they’re going to drive, and you have to think that many of these people will have their cars stuffed with luggage and passengers that obstruct their view and create a distraction.  Be wary of such drivers, especially when traffic is particularly heavy.

You also need to minimize distractions for yourself.  Chatting on a cellphone or texting can compromise not only your safety but the wellbeing of everyone else you share the road with.  And if you have other passengers in your car, this act would be particularly intolerable.  Keep your focus on the road to get to your destination safely.

Understand the environment before you head out.  Be attuned to patches of ice and any other obstacles that might impede your progress, such as a deer crossing the road.  And before you head out, carefully plan out your travel time.  With daylight saving time no longer in effect, our days are rather short.  Consider leaving shortly after the sun comes out so you won’t still be stuck on a road when it goes down and visibility is compromised.

Finally, a few tips about Black Friday.  Shoppers tend to lose their minds during this day, but you don’t have to be on of those persons.  And it starts with the parking lot, where the numerous cars filling the area might cause one to make an err in judgment.  You can  take steps, though, to protect yourself from someone hitting or denting your vehicle.  Try to get a spot on the end and give yourself plenty of room.  If that’s not possible, park far from the front doors, as the minds of shoppers might be focused elsewhere the closer to the entrance you are.  Pull your vehicle in completely straight when you do find a spot, and don’t park in the vicinity of a crooked vehicle.

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