37,000 Master Forge Gas Grills Recalled Because of Fire Threat

Posted on November 6, 2012

The threat of a fire has led to the recall of tens of thousands of grills available across the entire country.

The North Wilkesboro, North Carolina-based LG Sourcing announced the recall, which affects Master Forge Gas Grills with GD 4825 as their model number and 94227 as their item number.  The former number is found inside the door while the latter is on the instructions.  The grills, which were made in China by the Guangdong Vanward Electric Company, were only sold at Lowe’s.  A total of 37,000 units are contained within the scope of the recall.

This particular hazard takes place when the consumer makes an error during the installation process.  The hose leading from the regulator and gas tank to the burner control can be installed in such a way that it can make contact with the burner box.  If this were to take place, the heat generated when the user lights the grill would be such that the hose itself could be in danger of melting and even rupturing.  Anyone in the vicinity could sustain a burn from the ensuing fire that might break out.  No one has reported incurring such an injury, but there have been two instances of a rupture reported.

These grills cost around $270 when they were on sale between November of last year and May of this year.  Owners are being asked to verify proper installation and to get in touch with Guangdong to obtain a new warning label and instructions.

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