Murrieta Presentation Invites Kids to Wear Bike Helmets

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Bicycle safety was the focus of a recent demonstration held in Murrieta, California.  Students at Buchanan Elementary School were recently treated to the presentation put together thanks to a joint effort from Schwinn Bikes, the North County Fire Protection District, and the ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation.  It was part of the Helmets on Heads program, which as the name suggests, emphasizes to children the importance of wearing a helmet while atop a bicycle.  Not only were helmets handed out to students, but the Executive Director of ThinkFirst showed what could happen when a helmet isn’t used.  By dropping a cantaloupe on the ground once while encased in a helmet and once without one, it quickly became apparent which situation would do the most damage.  In California, any cyclist under 18 must wear a helmet.

Follow this link for more about the event.