Study Finds Yersinia Bacteria in Multiple Pork Samples

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A study has come up with some disturbing findings about the bacteria that could be found in pork items, but its validity has been called into question by the USDA and the National Pork Producers Council.  By looking at nearly 200 pork samples in six states, Consumer Reports was able to determine that 68% of pork chops and 74% of ground pork tested positive for a bacteria known as Yersinia.  The worry among consumer advocates is that this bacteria and others like it might become resistant to antibiotics because of continued dispersement of antibiotics to livestock to promote growth.  The thought is that the resistant bacteria might then be passed to humans.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans become ill every year from foodborne illness, so make sure you do your part:  wash your hands and cook food thoroughly to prevent foodborne illness.

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