Californians' Views of Driving Habits Made Clear in OTS Survey

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The California Office of Traffic Safety has released their yearly Traffic Safety Survey, and the results are telling.  A whopping 80% of respondents cited texting or talking on a cellphone as being the top distraction on our state’s roads, consistent with the prevailing opinion of more than half of all citizens that those two habits pose the biggest risk to safety.  60% of people even stated that cellphone usage by another driver personally led to them experiencing either an accident or a near-miss.  But cellphone habits weren’t the only focus of the research.  95% of people said that they thought under-the-influence driving is a problem, and 71.5% expressed the idea that the problem is rather serious.  It’s not surprising, then, that nine out of ten people were all for the creation of checkpoints meant to catch inebriated or otherwise impaired drivers.

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