Undeclared Soy Presence Prompts Recall of Chicken of the Sea Tuna

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Solid white albacore tuna in water of the Chicken of the Sea brand has been recalled by Tri-Union Seafoods because the label fails to state that the tuna product contains soy.  The recall only pertains to seven ounce versions of the product available in multi-pack containers from Costco stores in a handful of states, including right here in California.  Affected cans were sold last month and this month and have a Best By date ranging from October 1, 2016 through November 9, 2016.  No one has reported experiencing an illness in conjunction with the undeclared soy in this product, but nevertheless, the recall was initiated.  Concerned consumers should get in contact with the company to see what can be done about a replacement or refund.

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