Odd Punishment Awaits Driver Who Drove On Sidewalk to Go Around a Bus

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There is no excuse for driving around a school bus that has its lights flashing to signify that it is in the process of picking up or dropping off a child, no matter how late you are.  Driving on the sidewalk to get around that bus would be even more egregious, and one woman in Cleveland recently found out that engaging in such a behavior has its consequences.  In this case, the bus driver, fed up with allegedly witnessing the woman’s behavior in previous instances, recorded it with his cellphone just before police pulled the woman over.  After pleading guilty, the judge in the case handed out an interesting sentence:  the woman over the course of two days would have to stand on a corner wearing a sign explaining the idiocy of driving onto a sidewalk while a school bus sits idle nearby.

View the video below and follow this link for more information.