Shea and Casey Explain How to Litigate a Tire Failure Liability Case

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Panish Shea & Boyle’s own Ryan Casey and Adam Shea have been featured in the latest issue of The Advocate Magazine.  In a standout report, they expound upon certain challenges that await plaintiff lawyers attempting to litigate a product liability case involving the failure of a tire.  Not only do the two go into detail about the types of failures that can often lead to an accident, but they explain how to conduct a proper investigation of the incident so that it becomes easier to put forth a case on a client’s behalf.  They also cast a light on the difficult of discovery in such cases, as many tire companies will attempt to argue that handing over manufacturing information would be akin to making trade secrets available.  Shea and Casey provide tips on getting around this defense as well.

You can view the full article here: Click Here