Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips Offered as Halloween Edges Closer

Posted on October 1, 2012

October is finally here, and you know what that means:  we’re just thirty days from Halloween.  That means that haunted houses have begun to dot the landscape and children and adults alike are trying to figure out just who they want to be on All Hallows’ Eve.  However, parents with young ones ought to be more concerned that their children are going to be safe when they set out trick-or-treating.  To ensure that your child’s holiday is more treat than trick, the Avon Volunteer Fire Department in Connecticut is offering some safety tips.

Safety begins with picking out a costume that’s not going to be a detriment to the child’s wellbeing.  First, parents should ensure that their child’s outfit isn’t so long that he or she is going to be tripping on it while they’re out and about.  Also think about having your child utilize a costume that opts for face paint or makeup instead of a mask that might obscure their vision.  If, however, your kid is dead-set on using the mask, make sure that he or she can see properly and explain that they need to take the mask completely off when they cross the street.

Visibility is also important for children around Halloween. You or the child should have a flashlight or glow stick handy so that anyone around will be able to see you.  The costume itself can also be made more visible with things like reflectors or sections that glow at night.  Think about equipping your child with a bright costume that won’t be missed by anyone.

The act of trick or treating also creates some challenges that children might not realize.  Your child should only go to doors of homes of people you trust, and under no circumstances should they knock on doors if the porch light has been kept off.  When you and your kid go from house to house, make sure to keep to the sidewalks as opposed to the street curb, and hit houses on one side of the road first.  That way, you limit the number of times you’re crossing the street and potentially bringing yourself into the path of oncoming vehicles.  And once all that candy has been handed out, do a run-through of the haul so that you can ensure your child’s candy hasn’t been tampered with.

And finally, as you may have noticed, each of these tips are geared toward parents out and about with their kids.  That’s because the most important advice of all is to never let a child trick or treat without the supervision of a trusted adult.

Have a safe Halloween, and stay tuned for more safety tips!

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