Keep Your Kids Safe From Allergen Threats This Halloween

Posted on October 26, 2012

Halloween draws ever closer, and it’s highly likely that your child has his or her costume and route already planned out.  But as a parent, you can never be too careful on this holiday.  Consumer Reports has released information pertaining to how to prevent a child from suffering an allergic reaction or an asthma episode on Halloween, and it’s great reading for any parent concerned about the threat.

First, although pumpkin allergies aren’t all that common, they are possible.  If you have a pumpkin or go to a pumpkin patch, and your child starts to itch, suffer tightness in their chest, or more, then be ready to take action.  Pumpkin patches are also cesspools of dust and mold, so be wary.

Contact lenses can also pose a danger, especially those amateurish ones typically found at novelty stores.  If the lenses don’t fit properly, it could lead to things like decreased vision or an infection, so don’t let your child use lenses that aren’t available via a prescription.

Fog machines can pose an asthma threat, so think twice about utilizing such a device.  Also make sure that your child’s makeup doesn’t include preservatives that pose a reaction threat, that their costume accessories aren’t composed of nickel, and that any candy your child brings back in his or her haul doesn’t pose an allergy danger.

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