House of Representatives Expands Meningitis Investigations Efforts

Posted on October 15, 2012

There continue to be revelations in regard to the outbreak of meningitis that has already claimed the lives of 14 people in 12 different states.  Word has now been put forth that the House of Representatives will expand its efforts to figure out who was responsible and how to hold those entities accountable.

The FDA and the CDC have already had preliminary talks with the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which now wants to speak with pharmacy board of Massachusetts to ascertain what information that agency had on the New England Compounding Center, the company responsible for distributing the contaminated steroids that led to the widespread outbreak.

One Connecticut senator wants to see the company investigated for possible criminal behavior, and a lawsuit has already been filed in Minnesota.  More lawsuits could be incoming, as 14,000 people might have had their safety compromised by steroids tainted with a fungus.

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