Bike Wheel Rim Tape Recalled by FLO Cycling Over Injury Threat

Posted on October 25, 2012

An item meant to be used by cyclists is being recalled due to the danger it could pose to those same persons.

Bike wheel rim tape with the number 700X18 A/V is the subject of the recall, which was announced by the Las Vegas, Nevada-based FLO Cycling LLC.  This yellow tape was actually given away to FLO Cycling customers who bought FLO DISC, FLO 60, and FLO 90 bike wheels.  Numerous serial numbers of wheels are included within the recall, equating to an estimated 800 units of tape that might be affected by a defect.

That defect concerns a potential failure and subsequent breakage of the rim tape should it be placed under pressure.  If this were to occur, it could lead to a burst or a puncture affecting the the bike’s inner tube.  Anyone who happens to be riding the bike when this happens would be in danger of falling.  Four instances of the inner tube exploding and the user thus experiencing a flat tire have taken place at this point, but the good news is that none of those incidents reportedly led to an injury.

This tape was only available from the FLO Cycling website when customers bought the aforementioned wheels.  The wheels that enable a user to get the free tape ran from $375 to $700, and the tape was given away with all those wheels that were sold between May and July of this year.  $5 will be given to those consumers who have received the item.

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