Banana Boat Sun Care Items Recalled Over Potential Burn Threat

Posted on October 22, 2012

Recently, sunscreen products have been in the news because of the items’ potential to not provide adequate sun protection.  The Food and Drug Administration is in the process of strengthening requirements of such items.  Now, though, comes word of a recall of a series of sun care items for a completely different reason.

Numerous Banana Boat sun care products are being recalled by the St. Louis, Missouri-based Energizer Holdings because of their potential to lead the user to sustain a burn injury.  Most of the products affected include the phrase “Ultra Mist,” but that is not necessarily the case for each and every item.  Consumers should consult the full list at the FDA’s website.  Every affected sun care product offers a continuous spray of sunscreen.

Five instances of some kind of burn taking place in conjunction with the Sport Ultramist SPF 30 and 50 have come to the company’s attention.  The company believes that the threat stems from the fact that the opening on the spray valve on these and other products is larger than it should be.  This enlarged aperture sprays out more than is common among such item.  When applied to a person’s skin, it may not dry as quick as quickly as would typically be expected.  If the user then makes contact with an ignition source, the undried product might catch fire and lead to a burn.

The products, which were available up until the end of last month, should not be used.

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