Alumadump Trailers Recalled by Super Test Over Separation Risk

Posted on October 18, 2012

A series of trailers are being recalled because of the potential threat they could pose to those who share the highway with the towing vehicle.

The recall affects the Alumadump aluminum trailer of the 2012 model year.  It was announced by the Super Test Corporation.  175 trailers are potentially affected by this particular safety issue, and each has a model number of AL6096 and was produced between September of last year and April of this year.  Each trailer was only sold at the Home Depot.

The defective component is the weld that is meant to keep the trailer frame attached to the tongue.  If this component is stressed, a failure can occur.  This could lead to a separation between the towing vehicle and the trailer itself.  This might then endanger anyone in the vicinity of the trailer if the unit is in the process of being towed when the separation occurs.  A crash with another vehicle thus becomes a distinct possibility.

The recall is likely to be initiated at some point this month.  It will consist of owners receiving a notification from Super Test.  Consumers will be able to obtain a refund from the company upon return of the defective trailers.  The recall notice takes pain to mention that Home Depot should not be contacted by consumers.

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