Door Opening Issue Prompts BMW to Recall 7,485 7-Series Vehicles

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Thousands of automobiles are being recalled because of the safety threat that they could pose to consumers.

7-Series vehicles of the 2005 through 2007 model years produced between August 23, 2004 and September 3, 2007 are affected by the recall, which was announced by BMW of North America.  Each affected vehicle contains Soft Close Automatic and Comfort Access options, equating to a total of 7,485 potentially compromised vehicles.

These vehicles suffer from a possible software error that could lead a consumer to think that the doors have been shut and latched properly, when in reality, the doors might suddenly come ajar without warning.  This sudden opening is thought to be the result of either the door coming into contact with someone inside the vehicle or certain driving conditions leading to the door opening without warning.  In either instance, persons inside the automobile would be in danger of being thrust from the vehicle.  And if a crash were to take place, the threat of an injury is also more apparent than it otherwise would be.

At some point in November, the recall is supposed to begin.  The issue should be taken care of via a software update from the dealers.  Affected owners are going to receive an alert from BMW, and questions can be directed to BMW directly.