Suffocation Hazard Prompts Dorel to Recall Eddie Bauer Bassinets

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Bassinets are being recalled because of the health hazard they could pose to infants held within the product.

The recall was announced by the Columbus, Indiana-based Dorel Juvenile Group, and the safety announcement pertains to rocking wood bassinets under the Eddie Bauer brand.  This brand name can be found on the dark wood footboard of the product.  Six model numbers are encompassed within the recall, equating to an estimated 97,000 products that may suffer from the potential defect.

A spring is supposed to be installed that allows the locking mechanism on the bottom of these bassinets to lock in place.  However, if this spring has not been installed, then the bassinet can tip while a baby is inside of it.  If this leads to the infant being rolled toward the side, he or she could suffocate.

There have been 17 tipping occurrences reported to Dorel that involved a child younger than three months.  In two of those, it was reported that the child had trouble breathing shortly after the incident.

The bassinets were sold at such retailers as Sears, Target, and Toys R Us, as while as through Ebay and various websites.  Dorel has stated its intention to provide consumers who contact them with a free repair kit that includes assembly instructions.