2011 Hyundai Santa Fe Under Investigation By the NHTSA

Posted on October 17, 2012

Another vehicle is under investigation due to its potential to compromise the safety of those persons on board.

The vehicle in question is the Hyundai Santa Fe of the 2011 model year.  Investigators with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are looking into a potential steering problem that could affect as many as 70,000 of the sport utility vehicles.  A recall may have to be necessitated if this poses a distinct threat to consumers, but at this time, no such safety measure has been passed.

A consumer recently got in touch with the Office of Defect Investigations branch of the NHTSA in regards to a problem with their vehicle.  This person claims that the fastener on the steering column actually came loose from their automobile.  At the time, the two year old vehicle had about 33,000 miles on it.  This could be a sign that the steering column is in danger of coming apart, which could lead drivers to lose the ability to properly maneuver their automobiles.

ODI will look into whether or not this is a possibility.  The department also obtained word from Hyundai in regards to a similar report that was filed with the automobile manufacturer.  Thankfully, neither of those instances led to an injury taking place.  Hyundai engineers are working with investigators to determine what’s leading this issue to take place and ascertain how to potentially fix the threat.

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