Laceration, Choking Hazards Prompt Trend Lab to Recall Toddler Chairs

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A children’s item is being recalled due to the dual threat it could pose to the child’s safety.

The Burnsville, Minnesota-based Trend Lab LLC announced the recall, which affects Mod and Club style upholstered toddler chairs imported from China.  These seats, which came with an ottoman and contain a date code ranging from TL1007C to TL0812C, come in a variety of fabrics and colors.  The fabric will either be suede, print, or velour.  16,850 chairs are subject to the recall.

The recall was necessitated once it was discovered that the chair’s back has a binding containing staples that are in danger of loosening from the unit.  If the child were to find these staples, he or she could be cut by the component.  In addition, if the kid were to place the small item in his or her mouth, it presents a choking hazard and could lead to further injury if swallowed.

Numerous children’s specialty stores such as Buy Buy Baby, as well as the online stores of such retailers as Walmart and Target, sold these products between November 2007 and this past August.  During that timeframe, they ran consumers between $100 and $140.

The binding should be inspected by any parents or guardians who believe they have this item in their possession.  Caregivers should also get in touch with Trend Lab to obtain a repair kit that can be used to fix the issue.  Until such time that the defect can be remedied, the chair should be kept out of a child’s reach.