Safety Improvements The Focus of SeeClickFix Website

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Have you ever noticed a glaring safety issue in your community and become frustrated by how long it takes to fix that issue?  Or even worse, the hazard never gets fixed at all because officials keep their focus on something else?

A website called SeeClickFix aims to ease that frustration by putting more power in the hands of everyday citizens.  By going to the website, residents of a given community can report on those issues that detract from the safety of a neighborhood.  It can be as mundane as a pothole or as serious as a stop sign that’s fallen over and is thus not visible to commuters.

After making a report, others are invited to participate and get things going in the community.  Other residents can vote on issues that they believe deserve immediate attention, and media representatives will be alerted to those issues that the community is most concerned with.  Government officials can then take action to set things right.