Professor Says Citizens Increasingly Give Away Their Own Privacy

Posted on September 17, 2012

Are you entitled to privacy?  That’s a complicated question whose answer is also going to get more complex as we travel deeper into this contemporary age.  Many people who post to Facebook or Twitter probably don’t read through the terms and conditions of such platforms, despite the fact that many social media sites have passages dedicated to stating how you’re basically signing away the rights to any information you post to those sites.

A professor with Harvard Law recently sat down with an ABC News reporter to talk about this worrisome aspect of the digital age.  Armed with extensive knowledge and experience with both Wikileaks and the Pentagon Papers, he talks in-depth about how we’re going to find ourselves less able to carry on private lives in the near future.

The reason?  People who grew up with social media simply don’t care about that privacy.  He argues that the Fourth Amendment hinges on our own expectation of privacy, and that without that expectation, privacy can be easily taken away.

Many people simply don’t consider the repercussions of posting every detail of their lives to Facebook and the like.  But think about what might happen if you have a pending court case upcoming.  Some seemingly innocent detail might be used to call both your character and the facts of the case into question.  If you want to protect yourself, constantly posting to Facebook and other platforms might not be the best idea.

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