NHTSA Hopes Parents Know the Risks Associated with Power Windows

Posted on September 12, 2012

One of the features that come standard on many new vehicles is power windows.  The most high-tech models have technology that can actually detect when an object is in the window’s path, but that’s certainly not the case among all models of vehicles.  Thus, power windows can pose a grave threat to children, which is why the NHTSA is urging parents and guardians whose vehicles have this feature to utilize extreme caution.

That caution begins by understanding how your vehicle’s system works.  When leaving a car, don’t leave a child alone, and also don’t leave the key in the ignition or nearby so that the windows can be activated when you are away.  If your power windows can be locked, be sure to do so whenever a child is present.

Consider talking to your child about the danger if they’re old enough to understand.  Tell them that the switches that control windows are not toys and thus shouldn’t be treated as such.  Also emphasize that the car itself is not a plaything and thus a child should not stand up on the armrest of the vehicle.

To further ensure that a tragedy doesn’t strike, utilize a car safety seat and make sure you properly strap a child in whenever you travel.  And when you decide that you’re going to activate the windows, make sure a child doesn’t have his or her body in the window’s path.

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