NHTSA Aims to Prevent Tragedies Stemming From Backed Up Vehicles

Posted on September 14, 2012

Nowadays, many vehicles come with technology that alerts the driver to potential obstacles in his or her path when the automobile backs up.  This comes in the form of a rearview camera or a system that beeps when an obstacle is about to be struck.  But people might become overly reliant on this technology to the point where they’re not paying enough attention to the road.  The NHTSA offers tips so that motorists won’t make that mistake when backing up.

Drivers in SUVs, trucks, and other large vehicles need to take added precautions due to the larger blind spots on these conveyances.  But whether you’re in one of these vehicles or some other smaller sedan, consider rolling down the window so that you can hear what’s going on.

With your window down, you should backup slowly and keep your eyes behind you and on your mirrors.  Children might not be easy to see due to their small stature, so you don’t want to be traveling too quickly.  Give yourself ample time to react.

If you’re a parent, then tell your children not to keep their bike, scooter, or other toy in the driveway or any other dangerous area.  Stress that vehicles aren’t themselves toys and that they need to be cautious when around automobiles.  Finally, supervise kids whenever vehicles are around.

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