Life Saved in Lubbock, Texas Auto Accident Thanks to Police Officer

Posted on September 25, 2012

A tragedy was avoided in Lubbock, Texas thanks to the efforts of a police officer who had just enough time to push a potential victim out of the way of danger.

The entire thing was caught on video, and the released footage shows a harrowing scene.  In it, a young woman is having a discussion with a police officer along the side of the road.  Having apparently pulled over after witnessing a minor automobile accident, the woman is in the process of telling the police officers who responded to the scene exactly what she saw.

That’s when attentive viewers can see the danger present itself.  A van comes barreling down the opposite side of the street and crashes into the parked police car positioned along the road.  The officer also sees the possible disaster before it happens.  Thankfully, his instincts kick in and he is able to push the woman out of harm’s way just before the vehicle smashes into where the two were just standing.

The alleged drunk driver whose actions prompted the entire incident was arrested.  The young woman and the police officer who escape near-certain calamity fared quite well, all things considered.  The officer, who the woman proclaimed a hero because of his efforts, was pinned, but the only injuries he incurred were a bruise to the leg and some pulled muscles.  The woman’s face was slightly scraped.

Follow this link to see the video.

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