Fire Avoidance Tips Offered by Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department

Posted on September 28, 2012

It’s never a bad time to learn more about fire safety.  Even as the weather begins to cool off, fires can still break out, especially as families across the country begin to turn on their heating units and prep their fireplaces.  Now, the Volunteer Fire Department of  Fortuna, California is offering citizens a variety of tips so that they can keep themselves safe from fire danger.  The tips were made available through a mailing recently sent out to members of the community, but they are just as valid anywhere in the state.

One of the first things that a person should do if they haven’t done so already is install a working smoke alarm in every bedroom and on every floor of a residence.  Once these items are in working order, it’s time to then ensure that things like chimneys and wood-burning stoves are also up to par with safety regulations.  Various businesses and fire departments can assist you with checking these parts of your home out.

People tend to overlook the many fire hazards that are present in their homes, and it’s this very oversight that can often lead to disaster.  When families leave for the day to go to work and school, some might elect to keep a space heater running so that the residence stays nice and warm.  But just like candles or a fire, this is inadvisable, especially in the presence of items most likely to catch fire, such as clothes, curtains, furniture, and more.  Even when you are in your home, make sure that such things are kept far from heating sources.

You should also make sure that all extension cords are in working order.  Such items should be free of damage and plugged into a power strip to further ensure safety.  If permanent wiring becomes faulty, consumers should think twice before simply replacing it with an extension cord, as that’s not what the cord is meant for.

One of the biggest threats comes not from a fire itself but from the fumes thrown out by the fire.  If you breathe in the superheated smoke given off by a blaze, your lungs can sustain severe damage.  It’s also important to note that burns aren’t what typically leads to a fire death, but rather asphyxiation.  If the fire breaks out at night while family members are in bed, those persons are likely to fall into a deeper sleep when poisonous gases emanate from the fire, and thus there’s a risk that someone won’t even notice a blaze break out in the middle of the night.  This makes it especially important to install smoke alarms.

Finally, be ready to call 911 and exit a residence when a fire gets out of control.  Don’t make the mistake of staying longer than is advisable to do so.

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