Report Offers Tips on Staying Safe After a Crash

Posted on August 10, 2012

It’s almost inevitable that we’ll all be in an automobile accident at some point in our lives.  Due to their inexperience, one of the most at-risk demographics is teenagers, which is a shame, because they’re the ones with the least amount of knowledge about what to do in the wake of a crash.  To help them out, a report offers valuable tips.

The first thing to do following a crash is simply remain calm.  Take a few deep breaths to steady yourself and use that time to focus on the accident and what steps you need to take next.  Once you’re ready, make sure that you and the passengers are safe.  When your car is drivable, pull out of a roadway if possible, but if it’s not, or if your injuries are such that you’re trapped, call 911 and flip your emergency lights on.

Calling 911 can seem daunting to someone who’s never done it, but it’s an essential step in preventing a potential catastrophe if a vehicle occupant has been injured.  Give the dispatcher your name and number, explain what happened, and let them know where you are.

At this point, you should focus on compiling all the information you can about the crash.  Take down notes about what happened while they’re fresh in your memory, exchange insurance information with the other driver, and don’t admit to blame.  You can’t be sure of the exact circumstances of the crash, so it’s wise not to express culpability from the outset should you later be hassled about the situation.

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