Preparation and Composure Can Help Cope With Traffic Jam Stress

Posted on August 10, 2012

One of the most frustrating situations a person can be put in is coming to an absolute standstill in traffic.  Denizens of Los Angeles and nearby environs are no stranger to this phenomenon, but it never ceases to be particularly nerve-wracking, especially to young drivers.  The good news is that a new report offers tips on keeping your cool and avoiding potential danger.

The first thing a person can do is prepare ahead of time so that a traffic snarl can be avoided altogether.  Have alternate routes available in case of a jam, and switch on the radio while driving or go online before you head out to see if any traffic obstacles await you on your normal route.  Don’t hit the pavement over rush hour if possible, and consider taking surface streets at those times when you know the highway is going to be a challenge.

But what should you do when a jam is unavoidable?  The first thing to realize is that simple courteousness and adherence to the law go a long way.  It might be tempting to swerve in and out of lanes and try to edge out others in your bid to get to your destination, but doing so is not worth endangering your life and the lives of others.  If you see someone else engaging in such a practice, tread cautiously and keep an eye on them.

By following these tips, you can better ensure your safety in a high-traffic situation.

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