Inexperienced Drivers Offered Tips in KidsHealth Report

Posted on August 10, 2012

When a teenager turns 16, he or she is typically overjoyed by their sudden ability to legally operate a motor vehicle.  Unfortunately, the inexperience of such drivers can hinder safe driving, but a report offers tips for teens to follow to better ensure they’ll be safe out on the road.

The first thing teens should do is simply realize their limits.  Older drivers have decades of experience piloting a vehicle, so they might not think twice about engaging in risky behavior like flying through a yellow light.  Teens, and indeed everyone out there, would be better served erring on the side of caution and refraining from dangerous driving techniques.

It should go without saying that you should adhere to the law at all times.  This includes following speed limits, red lights, stop signs, and local ordinances regarding distracted driving.  This last bit is especially important, as things like texting or talking on a cellphone while driving take a person’s focus from the road and severely imperil safety.

Alertness can also be promoted by staying away from alcohol, drugs, and other substances that compromise your motor functions.  Teens, and indeed other drivers, should avoid getting behind the wheel when they’re exhausted.  Falling asleep at the wheel, or even having reaction times slowed down, can be deadly.

Finally, teen drivers should be aware of other drivers’ limitations.  Anyone is capable of making an error, so be cautious when sharing the road.

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