Defensive Driving Can Decrease The Risk of an Accident

Posted on August 10, 2012

When driving along the roads, it’s tempting to just let loose and slam down on the gas in a bid to get to your destination as quickly as possible.  Doing so, however, creates a number of safety hazards that should be avoided.  That’s why it’s advisable to always drive defensively.  That way, you know that you and your fellow motorists aren’t put in danger.  A report offers tips on such defensive driving.

First, buckle up and lock the door once you enter a vehicle.  Should a crash occur, this will ensure you’re not thrust from the wreck.  Once driving, continue to look into your mirrors at regular intervals and look ahead 30 feet for potential upcoming hazards.  And when following behind someone, give yourself a three second cushion so that you know you’ll have time to hit the brakes if warranted.  This goes hand in hand with following the posted speed limits.

Be cautious when approaching other drivers.  By always assuming that the other guy or girl will make an error, you can ensure that you don’t.  Tread lightly at stop signs and intersections.  You never know when another vehicle will simply fail to see a stop sign or make an ill-advised turn.  Know what evasive maneuver you can put into effect should an obstacle suddenly present itself.

Finally, something that can’t be emphasized enough:  don’t drive while distracted.  Eliminate phone usage, eating, drinking, and anything else that takes your eyes and mind from the road.

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