Cyclists Turn To Cameras For Aid in Seeking Out Hit and Run Offenders

Posted on August 27, 2012

Black boxes are a standard part of airplanes and automobiles, but not so much with bicycles, therefore leaving a dearth of information when an accident occurs.  That’s beginning to change, though, as cyclists are increasingly beginning to affix cameras to their helmets so that a hit and run crash can be recorded and the offender identified.

Already, such camera usage has proved beneficial to numerous cyclists attempting to seek out justice.  In Berkeley, California, two cyclists were allegedly hit by a motor vehicle that failed to stop after the accident took place.  Police were able to ascertain the license plate number of the offending vehicle and trace ownership to an individual who claims the automobile was stolen.

Some believe that there could be a benefit to safety in the form of prevention.  Not only have people reportedly avoided road rage incidents by simply pointing up at their camera, but many think that dangerous driving habits will be curtailed once everyone knows a camera could be watching their every move.

Currently, cameras designed to wrap around a person’s forehead will run a person about $200, but experts hope that as prices decrease, usage and driver courtesy will increase.  Bicyclists say that they themselves have seen their riding habits improve, as they acknowledge that they don’t want their own dangerous actions caught on camera either.

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