Cardboard Bicycle Offers Unique Method of Transportation

Posted on August 2, 2012

With more and more citizens opting to ride their bicycles to and from their destinations, officials from across the entire world are struggling to come up with innovations that could improve bike safety along the roads.  Many such innovations are geared toward things like improved bike lanes and new laws geared toward cyclists, but one entrepreneur has created something far more unique.  Check out the video below:

Although it doesn’t necessarily improve safety, a cardboard bicycle created by a man with an engineering background will no doubt draw more attention from motorists than your average two-wheeler.  Told by numerous people that a cardboard bike simply wouldn’t be possible, the man took up the challenge and proved everybody wrong.

The idea was hatched after the man spotted a cardboard canoe.  The awe-inspiring design works by way of folding the cardboard into sturdy designs.  Origami works in much the same way, with each fold increasing the load bearing potential by three.  The cardboard bike is so strong, in fact, that it can hold more than 300 pounds before it breaks.

Not surprisingly, the cardboard bike won’t be used by professional cyclists in the Olympics, but it should serve to get commuters to their destination, provided that there aren’t any major mountains or other hazards in the area.  One hazard that can be overcome, though, is water: the device is completely waterproof.

If you’re looking for this kind of bicycle at your local dealer, you’re out of luck.  For those hoping to build one themselves, they can look forward to years of practice folding the cardboard in just the right way.  It looks like the only realistic option is to ask the original builder himself.  This might also be the cheapest option.  In fact, it only cost him $9 to build the entire bike.

And if you do head out on a cardboard bicycle, be sure to wear a helmet, just as you would on a regular bike.

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