Campus Safety Tips Offered In New Report

Posted on August 15, 2012

We’ve recently featured a plethora of tips designed to help parents protect their children as they head back to school this fall.  But kids aren’t the only ones going back to school.  College students from across the country shall soon be descending upon campus to begin their studies, and this demographic is not immune to danger.  A new report offers tips geared toward protecting Boston-area students, but the advice given would be just as applicable anywhere in the country.

For many students, especially freshmen, this will be the first time that they will be away from parents, and it’s tempting to go overboard with the newfound independence that suddenly becomes available.  However, that doesn’t mean students should consider themselves invincible.  When college kids go out at night, they ought to always let either one of their roommates or a friend know where they’re going, when they’ll be back, and who they’re engaging in an activity with.  That way, should something go wrong, someone will know what the person was doing.

Universities tend to evoke a collegial atmosphere, but it’s important to not let things become too collegial with someone whom you don’t know.  Stranger danger might seem like advice that should only be offered to young kids, but the truth is that a threat can exist with a stranger at any age.  As such, it’s advisable not to walk alone with someone whom you’ve never met.  And most definitely do not accept a ride from a stranger, even if they claim to be a student as well.

Students should attempt to avoid situations where they’re going to be alone and vulnerable.  Persons should always pick a travel route where they know there are going to be others around at any given time.  Shortcuts are not advisable if the shortcut is going to be taking you away from places where a large amount of people provide adequate protection.  And if you have no choice but to walk alone across campus, then make sure that laptops and other expensive items are kept in a backpack and out of the view of prying eyes.

Doors to residence halls should be kept shut at all times.  It might be tempting to prop the door open or let someone in who just claims to have lost their pass, but such a move is dangerous.  When you yourself are coming upon your residence or vehicle, be aware of those around you and keep your keys in your hand.

Finally, students should not binge drink if indeed they are going to be drinking at all.  Doing so compromising your motor functions and imperils your judgment.  And if an emergency situation does take place, then have the phone number of campus emergency services plugged into your phone.  Doing so ensures you’ll have a lifeline ready when needed.

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