Alaska Airlines Flight Touches Down in San Jose Following Emergency

Posted on August 9, 2012

When boarding a plane, we all hope that everything will go smoothly.  However, as this next story illustrates, emergency situations do happen.  In those instances, it’s important to keep your cool and rely on the expertise of those persons flying the plane.

An Alaska Airlines flight which took off from the Ontario Airport in Southern California at around 6:30 am recently experienced such an emergency situation.  Due to the failure of the air/ground sensor of the airplane, electrical issues quickly began to plague the flight.  The auto throttle became disconnected, forcing the pilots to manually control the plane.  They also had to pressurize the flight by hand, but passengers were thankfully spared the stress of oxygen masks being deployed.

Passengers report that the flight attendants onboard looked ill at ease in the situation, something which further affected the nerves of everyone else onboard.  Thankfully, serious trouble was avoided.  The pilots brought the plane down safely in San Jose a little over an hour later, far removed from the original Seattle destination it was headed toward.

A crew has reported to the plane’s landing site to attempt to figure out what went wrong.  The plane is of a previous line of jets.  The majority of Alaska’s fleet are newer.

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