Tips on Getting Friends to Stop Texting While Driving

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Getting a texting driver to stop engaging in the habit is imperative, but sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially when said driver is in the middle of the act.  Thankfully, a report offers tips on broaching the subject should a vehicle operator insist on endangering the entire car.

The first tactic one could try is to just flat out tell a person not to text.  Most people would hopefully be wise enough to pick up on your disapproval and put the phone away.  For passengers not quite ready to be that direct with the driver, though, bring up how cops might be on the lookout for offenders.  If you’re teased for being worried, don’t back down.  You might even consider offering to type out the text yourself.

Think about pointing to another bad driver on the road and making a comment about how they’re likely texting.  Or invent some kind of game where you punch each other every time you see someone texting (if following this tip, please don’t hit each other hard).  This is a more passive way of getting the driver to stop.

It gets easier if you’re not the only one in the car.  Peer pressure is a great way to get a friend to stop texting.  And if none of the aforementioned techniques work, then simply stop riding with that person.  They’ll catch the hint soon enough.