Undeclared Allergen Leads Fruiti Pops to Recall Coconut Dessert Bars

Posted on July 9, 2012

Yet another product is being recalled because of the potential threat of an undeclared allergen.

This time, the recall was announced by Fruiti Pops and concerns their Classic Coconut frozen dessert bars.  Each of these bars would have been available individually in a clear 4 ounce package.  Although this package has no identifying characteristics such as a lot code or “consume by” date, the wrapper does have a UPC of 763734 000011.  The bars were given out to ice cream trucks and pushcart vendors from June 25 to June 28, and a total of 178 dozen suffer from the defect.

The label on these items does not list all of the potential ingredients.  Specifically, egg yolk is not revealed as one of the ingredients in these coconut bars.  As egg yolk is a potential allergen, posing a health threat to anyone sensitive to this component, a recall became necessary.

Thankfully, no one has reportedly experienced any sort of illness in conjunction with this item at this time, and this is the only product that falls within the scope of the recall.  Anyone concerned about possibly becoming ill due to the consumption of the coconut bar is being advised to bring it back to where it was bought, where a refund will be given.

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