TBC Recalls Bigfoot and Mirada Cross Tour SLX Tires for Crash Hazard

Posted on July 9, 2012

A number of tires have been recalled because they could endanger any vehicle that happens to be equipped with the affected units.

The recall was announced by the TBC Corporation and concerns their Bigfoot/Big O S/T and Mirada Cross Tour SLX tires produced between January 2009 and January of last year.  The tires are of sizes 235/70R16 and 265/70R17.  A total of 72,938 tires are affected by the potential defect that necessitated the recall.

What’s being referred to as a “manufacturing anomaly” is being blamed for the defect.  Because of this anomaly, the lower sidewall of these tires is at risk of experiencing a crack or an outright separation.  Should a driver continue to operate a vehicle on these tires, the crack could worsen and the tires could deflate quickly.  This would impede a driver’s ability to maneuver their vehicle and potentially lead to a crash situation.

TBC has announced their intentions to get in touch with owners.  That should take place around July 20.  Once notice is received, tire owners can bring their vehicles into a dealer to get the tires replaced, and if necessary, get a mounting and balancing service performed.  All of this should be done at no cost to the consumer.

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