Sunroof Glass Panel Shatter Risk Prompts Recall of the Audi Q5

Posted on July 2, 2012

Thousands of vehicles are being recalled because of a potential defect that presents itself under a certain set of weather conditions.

The recall, which concerns Audi Q5 automobiles of the 2012 model year, was announced by Volkswagen of America, the manufacturer.  Each of the units affected will have been produced between June 21 and December 9 of last year.  A total of 13,172 vehicles are encompassed by this recall announcement.

The potential defect stems from a front sunroof glass panel that could be installed on these automobiles.  When the outside temperature reaches a sufficiently cold temperature, the glass panel could break, potentially injuring anyone inside the vehicle at the time of this occurrence.  In addition to the laceration risk inherent in the falling shards of glass, the driver would likely have to deal with this sudden distraction.  A distraction of this nature would necessarily increase the threat of a crash taking place.

Affected owners will receive an alert from Volkswagen.  This notification should be distributed around August 7.  Once the notices go out, affected persons will be able to bring their Audis in to a dealer to get the glass panel replaced.  These repairs will be conducted without cost to the consumer.  Questions can be directed toward Volkswagen.

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