Runaway Wheel Hazard Prompts Prevost to Recall Two Coaches

Posted on July 9, 2012

All recalls are important, even if they don’t necessarily involve thousands upon thousands of vehicles.  Even defects involving a small number of vehicles can be found over time to be more widespread than initially assumed.

That’s why I’m bringing you news of the recall of an X3-45 and an MTH XLII-45E coach, each of the 2010 model years.  The recall was announced by Prevost Cars, Inc.

These two vehicles had incorrect hardware installed onboard, and this hardware was in danger of causing the tag axle hub cap screws to become loose.  Over time, this might have led the wheels to completely separate from the coaches.  This would obviously pose a hazard, as the driver would suddenly be unable to properly control their coach.  Plus, a wheel skittering haphazardly across traffic could endanger other vehicles as well as any pedestrians who might be in the area at the time of the incident.

The good news is that the two vehicles affected by this recall have reportedly already received the necessary repairs.  Thus, no form of notification even had to be distributed to affected consumers.

Anyone with additional questions or concerns should get in touch with Prevost directly.  In addition, vehicle owners should continue to keep track of recall news should this recall be expanded to encompass more vehicles.

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