Improper Pasteurization Forces Recall of Andante Dairy Cheeses

Posted on July 9, 2012

A wide variety of cheeses available throughout California have been recalled because of a threat that these items could pose to consumers’ health.

The recall was announced by the State Veterinarian of California and concerns numerous cheese items produced by the Petaluma-based Andante Dairy.  In addition to the recall, a quarantine order has also been placed on the items.  The only Andante items that aren’t being quarantined are Etude, Tomme Dulce, and Musette.  Each of the compromised items came in an uncoded package between five and eight ounces in size.

The recall and subsequent quarantine were necessitated due to a risk that the cheese items weren’t pasteurized in a way consistent with the promotion of consumer safety.  Improper pasteurization could mean that dangerous pathogens didn’t get filtered out of the cheeses the way they were supposed to.

The good news is that no one has reported getting sick in conjunction with the consumption of the Andante cheese products.  The cheese was for the most part sold in various retail outlets, restaurants, and specialty cheese sellers right her in California.  However, a small amount of the cheese made its way to the Chicago and New York markets.

Anyone who has an Andante cheese product other than the three exceptions mentioned above should immediately throw away the cheese. Andante is complying with the quarantine and recall.

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