Hearts of Romaine Recalled by Dole Because of Listeria Worries

Posted on July 2, 2012

Another food product is being recalled because the consumption of it could lead an individual to experience an illness.

Dole Fresh Vegetables announced the recall, which affects a product known as Hearts of Romaine.  This product, which was sold at various retail locations in nine states along the Eastern half of the country, has a UPC of 7143000956.  Their packaging, in addition to containing this UPC, highlights a Use By date of June 26 and a code of 0540N165112A or B.  2,589 cases in total fall within the scope of the recall.

The recall was initiated following a Food and Drug Administration sample test which identified the presence of Listeria monocytogenes.  People with weakened immune systems and pregnant women are the most high-risk categories of individuals to this organism, but even relatively healthy persons could experience diarrhea, aches, or fever.

Thankfully, no one has reported getting sick as a result of consuming this item.  To keep it this way, Dole is asking everyone with the Romaine hearts in their possession to dispose of the item.  The chance of the product being on store shelves or even being consumed is small given the long-past Use By date, but even still, Dole is being cautious.  Anyone with questions or concerns is being advised to contact Dole directly.

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