B.R.A.K.E.S. Driving Instructor Offers Advanced Driving Tips

Posted on July 17, 2012

Not all driver’s education classes are created equal, according to an editorial written by an employee at the B.R.A.K.E.S. advanced teen driving school.  In this advice column, the author discusses things that all drivers should be aware of when heading out on the road.

The first thing he wants drivers to understand is the power of the Anti-lock Braking System.  He says that ABS isn’t really comprehended by most drivers, and recommends practicing a full-on stop to help prevent disaster during an actual traffic incident.  Should such an incident occur, he says to slam the brake as hard as you can while simultaneously steering the vehicle to the right or left if an obstacle is imminent.

One other thing that drivers can do is simply remain calm, especially in situations where a crash is about to occur.  People tend to overcorrect when their vehicle drifts off the road.  This is a mistake, as simply taking your time to get back on the road can stave off disaster.  By the same token, honing your reactions in an emergency through practice at a driving school could prepare you to make evasive maneuvers when it becomes necessary in a real-world situation.

And that old myth about having your hands at 10 and 2?  The author says to disregard this thinking, as deployed airbags can lead to injuries.  Instead, he advises either putting your hands at 9 and 3 or 8 and 4.  Some vehicles even have thumb hangers to help guide your hands toward the correct position.

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