Mexicali Cheese Recall Expanded to Include Additional Items

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It’s incredibly important to pay attention to recall alerts that get posted throughout media outlets; however, that doesn’t mean that once a recall goes out you can simply move on.  That’s because, as this next report demonstrates, oftentimes an update will be made that expands the purview of the recall.

An earlier recall was made which concerned a series of Mexicali cheese products sold throughout the New York metropolitan area.  The June 29th recall was issued because of the risk that Acatian Queso Fresco, Fresh Cheese and Mexicali Queso Fresco Mexicano, Mexican Style Fresh Cheese were contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

Listeria monocytogenes can cause healthy people to experience such things as nausea,  diarrhea, headaches, and a variety of other short term symptoms, but it can prove fatal to the young, the elderly, and persons with compromised immune systems.  This potentially deadly organism was unearthed during testing by the Division of Milk Control and Dairy Services’ Food Laboratory, and the original recall was issued.

Now, though, the scope of the recall has been expanded to include Mi Quesito Mexicano, Mexican Cheese and Quesillo Ecuatoriano, Ecuadorian Style Cheese.  Every item recalled will have been contained in a 14 ounce tub, have 36-0128 as its plant number, and 071512 as its date code.

No one has reportedly become ill at this time from these products, and to ensure it stays that way, consumers should make sure they don’t consume the aforementioned items.