Faulty Brake Lights Lead Zero Motorcycles to Recall 450 Units

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A series of motorcycles is being recalled because of the danger they could pose to highway safety.

The recall was announced by Zero Motorcycles and concerns a wide variety of models (the S, XU, DS, X, XD, and MXD).  The motorcycles being recalled were of either the 2011 or the 2012 model years, depending on the specific model.  A total of 450 bikes fall within the purview of this recall.

Zero initiated the recall because of a hazard posed by the motorcycles’ brake lights.  Specifically, the brake lights are in danger of not activating when the driver only lightly presses the brakes.  Although the brakes themselves should work fine, other drivers following directly behind the motorcycle would likely not be able to detect the slight slowing of the bikes.  As such, a crash becomes a distinct possibility, as do the attendant injuries and fatalities that go along with that.

Owners can expect to receive some sort of notification from Zero.  Once that happens, they’ll be able to bring their motorcycles into a dealer to get a free inspection and repairs should the defect be uncovered.  The notice is expected to go out around July 16.

Anyone with additional questions or concerns is being advised to get in touch with Zero directly.