Carbonated Beverage Bottles Recalled by iSi For Laceration Threat

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A defect has led to yet another recall, this time of a line of products that could be within hundreds of thousands of homes.

The recall was announced by the Fairfield, New Jersey-based iSi North America, the importer of Twist’n Sparkle Home Beverage Carbonation System plastic bottles.  These bottles, which were produced in Hungary and Austria, came with either a Starter Set or a Bottle Set (model numbers 1005 and 1006, respectively).  162,700 of the gray or white plastic bottles fall within the scope of the recall.

At issue is the fact that heightened amounts of pressure can cause these bottles to explode.  Should this happen, the broken pieces of plastic can shoot outward, posing a potential laceration hazard to anyone in the vicinity.  Already, three reports of cuts have come to the attention of iSi, and six additional incidents that did not result in injury have become known.

These items were available between June 2010 and March of this year from QVC, Williams-Sonoma, and a variety of other in-store and online retail outlets.  The Bottle Set cost $30 and the Starter Set cost $50.

Anyone with these bottles in their possession should immediately cease using them and get in touch with iSi.  They or the retailer where the bottles were bought can provide refund instructions to affected consumers.