Worcester Teens Learn About Distract Driving Danger from Simulator

Posted on June 13, 2012

Distracted driving is a serious problem, especially among teenagers, which is why it’s always good to see communities make efforts to increase perception of the issue throughout this at-risk demographic.

In Worcester, Massachusetts, students can now learn about the dangers of texting while driving firsthand by strapping into a simulator device that has been set up at the local YMCA.  It’s all part of an effort by UMass Memorials’ Teen Drive Program to decrease distracted driving by helping teenagers understand the dangers inherent in the practice.  Simulated conditions include texting behind the wheel and driving while intoxicated, and by engaging in the program, teenagers can begin to see the risks and consequences associated with distracted driving.

The program travels to high schools throughout the Worcester area so that a wide breadth of students are able to take part.  According to educators, teenagers at first think the simulator is just going to be a fun respite from class, but then they begin to see the real life consequences that can result from driving while distracted.

AAA of Southern New England goes so far as to call texting while driving a triple threat.  This is because eyes have to leave the road, your brain has to focus on something other than driving, and your hands are forced off the wheel to interact with the phone.

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