Webasto Sun Roof Recall Expanded to Include 96 More Vehicles

Posted on June 21, 2012

A safety issue that has been shown to affect a large swath of vehicles has led to yet another recall.

As with previous recalls, this one was announced by Webasto Product North America and concerns their Hollandia 600, 700, and TVS 900 sunroofs.  The newest recall stemming from these defective items concerns a series of passenger vehicles that had the product installed by J & R Upholstery Shoppe.  Just shy of 100 vehicles fall within the scope of the new recall.

The recall was initiated because of the danger posed by the adhesive bond that’s supposed to hold the glass to the frame.  This bond has a defect wherein it might not attach these two components to each other adequately, and the sunroof could thus become dislodged from the vehicle entirely.  Should this happen, the falling glass could be tossed into the highway and come into contact with a vehicle.

This recall began way back in October of 2010, but it’s been expanded as various vehicles were shown to also utilize the Hollandia frame.  Webasto is conducting the recall as opposed to J & R.  Consumers are being advised to contact Webasto or go to the website sunroofcheck.com to determine if their vehicle suffers from the defect.  Drivers and passengers should be on the lookout for sunroof frame corrosion, excessive vibration, leaking water, or a wind noise, as these may be signs that the glass is about to become detached.

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