V2V Communication Demonstration Shows Future of Auto Safety

Posted on June 8, 2012

A safety demonstration of the latest automobile technology let reporters take a peek at what could possibly be the future of our nation’s highways.

The technology being shown off is known as Vehicle to Vehicle Communication, also known as V2V.  It’s something that you may have heard of, especially if you follow this blog regularly.  It basically works like this:  vehicles equipped with the safety technology will essentially be able to communicate directly with one another, exchanging data on speed, direction, and more.  This data can then be computed to determine if a crash is imminent.

At a demonstration recently, reporters were able to view a Ford Taurus driving toward an intersection.  Before the vehicle was able to get there, though, red lights blinked in the driver’s field of view and a warning of imminent danger was issued.  The driver stopped at the intersection just before a vehicle hidden behind a truck blasted through the intersection on a perpendicular path.

In that instance, and in many more potentialities, the technology might save a life in a real-world situation.  Current technologies often relies on lasers, and thus a line of sight must be achieved in order to maintain optimum working ability, but the newest form of the tech won’t require that kind of vision.  Drivers will be alerted without even having to see the danger looming.

This year will see 3,000 vehicles implementing the technology in Ann Arbor, Michigan as part of a test to see how the automobiles will handle V2V in the real world.

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