Truitt Brothers Navy Beans Recalled Over Undeclared Allergen Risk

Posted on June 19, 2012

Truitt Brothers, a company based out of Salem, Oregon, has initiated a voluntary recall of some of their 15 ounce cans of Pacific Northwest Premium Navy Beans.  Each of the affected items was available for purchase at various retail locations in Northern California, Washington, and Oregon.  They were sold from December 1 to June 15.  People can identify the affected versions of the recalled product by looking on the bottom or the top of the can for a UPC of 8222524145 and a best by date of July 18 of 2014.  The can code of each item is MDSB S1GTD.

The product is ostensibly safe, but it doesn’t actually contain the Navy Beans that it purports to.  Instead, it has a completely different chili-like product on the inside.  This chili-esque item was manufactured using a soy product which is not indicated on the label.  This labeling error, which was likely the result of a mishap in the company’s tagging and labeling process, could lead to a dangerous reaction in consumers with soy allergies.  This reaction could potentially be fatal if the sensitivity to soy is great enough.

Thankfully, no one has reported becoming ill as a result of consuming the mislabeled chili.  Anyone who is worried about having a reaction due to the presence of soy is being advised to simply bring the product back to wherever it was bought.  Such persons will receive a refund.

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